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A-Montoya Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM


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The mechanical system incorporated in this project was a residential type natural gas fired furnaces with Direct Expansion (DX) cooling coils. Each classroom or zone with be served by their own furnace and DX coil. The furnace and DX coil was located in a furnace closet next to its respective classroom or zone. The condensing units for the DX coils was located on the roof. Standard low flow fixtures was utilized for water conservation while incorporating the roof drainage into any civil/collection system whither passive or was dynamic depending on if the design team deems this feasible. This project was a LEED building incorporating a number of elements for energy savings. All mechanical equipment was meet or exceed current requirements with building elements providing most of the energy savings. Some of these elements are:

  • Exterior shading elements.

  • Superior window u-values with engineered shade coefficients for maximum solar reduction with high transmittance for day lighting.

  • Occupancy lighting control.

  • Carbon Dioxide Sensors

  • Outside air economizer control.

  • Also using the control system set backs, space overrides, and night flushes was incorporated to provide energy savings.


Rio Grande High School, Albuquerque, NM

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The new mechanical systems was supporting the new 21,000 square foot +/- Rio Grande High School ISP facility. The new mechanical systems was consist of multiple variable refrigerant flow systems utilizing a heat pump arrangement and zoned refrigerant fan coil units with dedicated energy recovery ventilation systems, and general/special exhaust throughout the facility. The fan coil units with variable refrigerant flow with energy recovery ventilation was serve the entire facility. The variable refrigerant flow system was used to provide 24/7 cooling of IDF/IT rooms. Standard low flow fixtures was utilized for water conservation.

The fan coil units shall provide heating and cooling of the spaces through reversal of the refrigerant cycle through zoned manifolds. The fan coil units for each classroom was concealed with low velocity ductwork and supply/ return grilles. Return air was through a common plenum. The fan coil units for the remaining areas was mixture of ceiling mounted cassette units with integral supply and return grilles and concealed units similar to the classrooms. The refrigerant flow through the fan coils and operation of refrigerant cycle was based on the room or zones set-point temperature set at the room or zone temperature sensor and controller.

The HVAC control system is a DDC capable of monitoring all of the major HVAC components from a central monitoring station.


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