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San Carlos Rural Health Care Center, AZ

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This project is new construction 180,000 +/- sqft two story hospital. The photovoltaic system consists of 171 PV modules generating 38kW. The PV panels are on a self-ballasted frame located on the roof. The PV system includes three PV combiners, both an AC and DC disconnect switches and six 7kW inverters. The system ties into the electrical building service via two circuit breakers. The PV system connects to an output meter.

Electrical: Design of the lighting, receptacle, voice/data system, nurse call system, fire alarm system, security system, CCTV system and access control system for a 136,000 square foot main hospital, 14,631 square foot Public Health care building, 12,000 square foot Dental Building, 8,200 square foot Emergency Medical Service building and a 8,700 square foot Behavior health building. The design also included the site infrastructure which included the coordination of the normal 15 kv power electrical system with the local utility company, the fiber optic communication system between building and the site emergency power system which paralleling two 2000 kw diesel engine generator. A photovoltaic system on the main hospital, parking lot lighting that complies with the dark sky requirement, lighting for the heliport and the exterior CCTV camera system.

Mechanical: The mechanical systems for the 180,000 square foot campus utilizes a central utility building housing water cooled chillers, high efficient boilers, heating chiller, and central pumping distribution serving all buildings on the campus. The campus consists of a main hospital, medical offices, dental building, behavioral health building, public health, and administration offices. The campus buildings are served by variable volume air handlers with heating water coils at the air handlers and terminal reheat units plus chilled water coils in the air handlers. Direct digital controls (DDC) are used to operate the HVAC equipment and incorporate it into a central building management system with a central operator station. Energy efficient measures include high efficiency equipment, variable speed pumping, and a heating chiller which produces a majority of the campuses heating and domestic hot water plus it rejects basically free, chilled water for use in cooling across the campus. The plumbing system consists of high efficiency low flow institutional fixtures, meeting all hospital guidelines, located throughout the building with a combination of PVC and cast iron waste and vent lines to minimize construction costs. The domestic water systems use copper distribution piping and hot water heat exchangers, off of the heating system serving the building, for domestic hot water with re-circulating lines to maintain water temperature at remote fixtures. A wet pipe fire protection system is also provided for the entire facility with pre-action and clean agent protection systems installed in sensitive areas including computer and server rooms.


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Completed 2013 Projects

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Presbyterian Real Estate/Plant Services 1011 Coal Ave
Presbyterian OR Pharmacy
Presbyterian Kaseman Pharmacy
Presbyterian Bernalillo Clinic 15,000 sq. ft
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Lovelace Westside Medical Pavilion Suite 205  8100 sq. ft
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We have done many more healthcare projects; this is just a partial list.